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  • The Luxurious History Of The British Properties In West Vancouver

    2017-09-01 15:51:54 Posted By Amir Hamzehali

    The British Properties, a residential area in West Vancouver, is home to some of the most sought after real estate in the world with its sweeping waterfront and city views.

    Today, the British Properties is a diverse residential area where people are just as likely to speak Chinese or Persian as they are English.

    The British Properties’ present is as luxurious as its past and also has an interesting history that not too many people may know about. For example, did you know that it was designed by the same person who co-designed the world-famous Central Park in New York City?

    This article will take a look at the luxurious history of the British Properties in West Vancouver that was pivotal to shaping it into the most sought after real estate that it is known for today. Take a look below.

    The Beginning

    The early days of the British Properties are an interesting one.

    At the time, this residential area was only accessible by ferry and was isolated from the rest of the city - certainly nothing like the vibrant community that it is today with its roads, shopping centers and all other hallmarks of modern life.

    The British Properties came into being in 1931 when the municipality sold the land to a group of investors led by no other than the Guinness Brewing company.

    The investors went on to develop the property into what it is today, naming it Capilano Estates. Interestingly, it was Vancouverites themselves who eventually gave the area its name today, the British Properties.

    An an aside, it was also the investor’s group and Guinness Brewing company that built and financed the now famous tourist attraction, Lions Gate Bridge. More on that below.

    The group of investors, now known as the British Pacific Properties, wanted to build outstanding neighbourhoods that were their own distinct entities and yet still connected to the city.

    Designed by Famous, Top-Tiered Architects

    The investors had luxury in mind when they developed the British Properties. From the very beginning, they set their sights on having some of the most famous, top-tiered architects design it.

    They had the distinguished Olmsted Brothers from Boston design the landscape.

    If you’re not familiar with the Olmsted Brothers, this was a landscape architecture firm that was started by Frederick Law Olmsted, who is widely known as the “father of American landscape architecture.”

    He was an architect and journalist that went on to co-design many of the world’s most famous parks, including Central Park in New York city and Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, as well as Elm Park in Worcester, Massachusetts.

    Elm Park is actually considered to be the first municipal park in all of America, so it’s interesting to think that the British Properties was designed by such a pioneer.

    Later, the investors pulled in Stanley F. Thompson, who is known as one of North America’s most top-tier golf course architects to design the Capilano Golf Course.

    Today, the Capilano Golf Course is one the mainstays of the British Properties.

    As you can see, the British Properties was designed by some of the top architects in the world, which undeniably had a part in becoming so sought after today.

    The Lions Gate Bridge Opens Up New Opportunity

    In the late 1930s, the investors then designed, built and financed the famous Lions Gate Bridge, which brought in a lot of new opportunity by finally establishing the missing link between Vancouver and North Shore. This was in 1938.

    This construction was pivotal to ushering in new homeowners.

    Keep in mind that it was also during this time that the Great Depression was happening. The construction of the Lions Gate Bridge also opened up new construction jobs, becoming a symbol of hope and the future.

    By 1950, the residential area was set to bring in a lot of new homeowners. As such, the investors opened up Canada’s first ever covered shopping mall, the Park Royal Shopping Center.

    The shopping mall went on to add to the quality of life of West Vancouver’s residents due to all of the amenities it brought with it.

    With the post-war baby boom, the British Properties continued to grow into the strong community that it is today, seeing continual expansions like the neighbourhoods of Chartwell and Cypress Ridge to name a few.


    The British Properties in West Vancouver was designed by some of North America’s leading architects, setting it up to become the beautiful and luxurious neighbourhood that is today.

    While it wasn’t always as vibrant as it is today, the construction of the Lion’s Gate Bridge changed that, opening up entirely new possibilities and an era of hope.

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