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  • Does Your Next Place Qualify In The Group Of West Vancouver Luxury Homes?

    2017-09-14 17:50:52 Posted By Amir Hamzehali

    If you are in the market for a new home in the residential area of West Vancouver and are looking at higher-priced homes, you might be wondering whether or not your potential new home qualifies in the group of West Vancouver luxury homes.

    First and foremost, West Vancouver is home to some of the most sought after homes in the country and beyond, known for its premier real estate.

    All of this is to say that there is a good chance that if you’re searching for a home in West Vancouver, there is a likely chance that your home would qualify.

    Broadly speaking, luxury boils down to quality and exclusivity. But luxury is also equally in the eye of the beholder, not something that can be necessarily be determined by an established set of criteria like a high price point or a certain amount of square footage.

    What it all boils down to, however, is that the concept of a luxury home doesn’t necessarily come down to a specific set of qualities like a high-end price point or a certain amount of square footage.

    However, as a general rule, luxury homes do tend to share some similar features, as you will see below, which makes them more likely to be categorized as a luxury home than homes without such features.

    Does Your Place Qualify As a West Vancouver Luxury Home?

    1. Listed in the Luxury Homes Category

    Again, there aren’t necessarily specific qualifiers of a luxury home, but if the property is listed as a ‘luxury home,’ chances are that it certainly has features that the real estate agent considers to be within the luxury homes category.

    The key element here is that the property is listed with a realtor who specializes in the luxury market. Otherwise, the term luxury has less meaning than it otherwise would.

    2. Highly Desirable Location

    A highly desirable location is subjective. In general, however, if the home is a waterfront property or has mountain or city views, these are all signs of a more high-value property.

    Keep in mind, however, that many houses in West Vancouver tend to already have views of Vancouver Island, Lower Mainland and/or Howe Sound.

    3. A High Price For The Area

    According to the most recent stats, the average price of a single family home in West Vancouver is roughly $2,775,000.

    While other parts of Vancouver might classify a home at that price point as a luxury home, that price is merely the average in West Vancouver.

    That means that there are a lot of homes priced higher than this that would more reliably be considered luxury homes in the context of this particular measure. In short, it’s all relative.

    4. High-End Interior Finishes and Appliances

    High-end materials and finishes, such as marble countertops, as well as professional, high-end appliances that you would find in restaurants can also signal that the home would be categorized in the luxury category. Customized closets are another one.

    Any time that a home has been built with high-end, quality materials, it will more reliably predict luxury.

    5. Luxurious Amenities

    Amenities that resemble those that one would find in a hotel can symbol luxury. A home with a built-in movie theatre, a high-end fitness center or spa center are other such examples.

    6. Designed By Well-Known Architects

    If the property has notable design expertise, such as having been designed by well-known architects, this could also be a symbol of luxury. An element of prestige like this is again, always synonymous with luxury.

    The homes in the British Properties residential area, for example, were designed by the same man who co-designed the world-famous Central Park in New York City, and could be considered upper end homes.

    7. Other Points to Consider

    Homes that offer a lot of privacy - perhaps they are in a gated community - or homes that have been constructed with sustainable materials or have advanced technology and classify as “smart homes” could also be viewed as luxury depending on who you ask.

    8. Get a Real Estate Agent’s Opinion

    If you are truly curious, you can always consult a professional who is familiar with niche luxury market and would be able to tell you whether the home is more likely to fall within the category.

    The key here would be to find a real estate agent who specializes in luxury homes in West Vancouver.


    In short, the definition of a luxury home isn’t necessarily concrete. But, if your home happens to share several of the features above, it is likely that it is considered a luxury home in West Vancouver.

    Amir Hamzehali is the number one real estate in British Columbia and is a Royal Lepage Top producer (top 1% in Canada) who specializes in West Vancouver luxury homes. Closing $500 million in the past three years, Amir and his team are an undeniable asset.

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